*** Myanmar Mission ***


Foundation for Global Children (FGC) is currently undertaking following missions in Republic of the Union of Myanmar, with three respective ministries. Details can be found at the following URL: www.fgc.or.jp/english/


Ministry of Health:

Develop human resources for the future of the country for young medical personnel. (ongoing)

Provide communication equipment for mobile clinics and outreach services with a special emphasis on enhancing the continuum of care for mothers and babies in remote villages. The programs aim to reduce both maternal and child mortality substantially. (ongoing)

The program includes donating ambulances for mobile clinics. (hand-over ceremony on 19th November 2013 in Yangon, with Governor Kuroiwa, Kanagawa prefecture, Japan attendance)

To improve hygienic environment of schools by providing clean water and hand soaps. (in process)


Ministry of Communications and Information Technology:

Provide a new monitoring system equipment to support the ministry in reinforcement of control of illegal radio communications, and contribute the country’s national security. (done on 18th September 2013)

The program also includes equipment to provide communication among headquarters and the officers on site for inspection. (in process)

Develop human resources for the future of the country for young administrative personnel. (ongoing)


Ministry of Science and Technology:

Propose to create a new technology education system and support the program. (ongoing)

Provide opportunities to study in Japan for high-school students. (in process)

Provide internship at Japanese ICT companies for university students. (in process)

Develop human resources for the future of the country for young ICT engineers through above programs. (ongoing)



Donations, including QSL fees collected via OQRS and green stamps sent with SAEs, will be all used for the above activities for the people in Myanmar. All DX-Pedition expenses, equipment, travel fees, accommodations, foods etc., are paid by FGC and the team members. We have calculated the total amount of funds needed as US $30,000- for the above mission. All the money collected will be donated to the above mentioned ministries’ bureaus designated. Your generous donation, whatever amount you can for the children in Myanmar, can be sent to FGC’s PayPal account; xz@fgc.or.jp If you prefer different method of remitting the funds, please let us know at the same e-mail address.