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Visit to the Utah DX Association Meeting - Oct. 15, 2014


I was asked to make a presentation the Utah DX Association (UDXA) meeting on Oct. 15, 2014 by Curt (K7CU) back in February 2014. I'm glad I accepted the offer. To my delight, I was able to meet and see many of the local hams that I've worked on numerous DX-peditions over the years and/or met in Dayton or Visalia at HamVentions.


Curt (K7CU) picked me up at the airport upon my arrival from San Diego, CA around 11:30 AM on Oct. 15, 2014. We headed to a local restaurant to meet up with Darryl (K7UT) for a nice sandwich and hot soup. Fantastic!


Curt was a great host and took the time to give me a tour of the Salt Lake City area and surrounding communities. I really enjoyed it. Thanks Curt!


That evening, about 55 local UDXA hams merged at a local business conference room for my "Amateur Radio Goodwill & DX-peditions" presentation. We also discussed some of my recently developed ham operating techniques, basic electronics theory and electronic lab student workbooks. The real theme addressed being an excellent mentor!


Here are the student workbooks I created and use with students just starting in Amateur Radio. Feel free to use them as needed


Based on the amount of Q & A and general conversations after the presentation, I believe it was a value-added experience for all in attendance including myself.


I want to personally thank the UDXA organization and it's members for providing me a "UDXA Membership" certificate into their club and having me as a guest speaker! It was certainly my pleasure!


My interesting family connection to Salt Lake City, Utah - For those in the UDXA club who remember Archibald Gardner (September 2, 1814 February 8, 1902) and his involvement with the Mormon Church that included 11 wives, I'm one of his great great great Grandson's. My great great great Grandmother was Harriet Armitage Larter who married Archibald Gardner in 1857 with 1 child named Harriet Armitage Gardner (lived from 1830-1866). Harriet's daughter was Lovina Gardner Naylor (1858 - 1934) who married Levi Naylor, 7 Feb 1885. Lovina had a daughter named Laura Margareta Naylor Mace (1890 - 1938) married to Joseph Charles Mace (1885 - 1940). Laura had 13 children; Afton Viola Mace (1910-2000 - my grandmother), Vern Mace (1913-TBD),  Ralph Mace (1915 - TBD), Audry Mace (1917-TBD),  Ruby Mace Pearson (1922 - 2014), Harry Mace (1923 - killed on railroad tracks at a young age), Loa Fay Mace (1924-Present in W. Jordan, UT), Donna Lorane Mace (1927-TBD), Jean Mace (1928-TBD), Robert (Bob) Mace (1929-Present lives in W. Jordan, UT), Francis (Jerry) Mace (1931 to Present lives in Arkansas), Frances (Bimmy) Mace (1933-TBD).

My mother, Joanne Laura Mace the daughter of Afton Viola Mace lived at 4747 Brown St., Murry, UT (outside of Salt Lake City) until she was 13 years old and married my father Charles in 1953. Now at the age 79 years old, she resides in S. CA.


Photos at Utah DX Association Meeting

David (K3LP), Curt (K7CU) and Darryl (K7UT) at lunch Curt (K7CU) and Darryl (K7UT) after eating lunch; I can't believe they ate the whole thing!

Ed (K7UC) and his lovely wife

Photo 3 - About half of the UDXA Meeting attendees who hung around after the meeting. Sorry we didn't capture everyone. I checked my camera and realized no photos were captured during the presentation. The mistake was mine; I failed to communicate the new camera user instructions. Included in this photo are:

Front L to R: Mark (W7HPW), N7RXL, Dick (K7MZ), Lynn (K7XV), Jerry (W7LEB), Gregg (W7GEM), Ted (KC7PM), Jim (W7CT), Don (N5LZ)

2nd Row - L to R: Graydon (N7RXL), Bob (WR7Q), Jack (AK7O), Spencer (W7SUR), Jared (N7SMI), Darryl (K7UT), Dennis (WB7ODO), George (WF4U)

3rd Row - L to R: Dave (N7BAN), Chris (KF7P), Jon (K7CO), Bryce (K7UA), Curt (K7CU)

Back Row - L to R: Wes (WV7P), Mike (W7PIM), Ron (N7RU), Wes (W7WES), Jed (AD7KG)


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