Alaska DX-Pedition

I left Mt. Airy, Maryland for Anchorage, Alaska on Thursday, August 18, 2005 via United Airlines. I (David - K3LP) arrived in Anchorage around 8:30 PM. Out trip lasted eight days and ended on a cruise ship in Vancouver, B.C., Canada on August 26, 2005.

I had contacted Frank Hurlbut (KL7FH) located in Anchorage three weeks in advance in an effort to operate while in Anchorage. The operating plans were cancelled due to poor band conditions. A major Aurora storm occurred and there wasn't a signal on any band. This was a perfect plan with dead bands. A real bummer.

I (David - K3LP) visited Frank (http://www.qsl.net/kl7fh/) at his home on the evening we arrived and had a chance to talk about Frank's amplifier and station design projects, and take a few photos shown below. There I was setting at the station with the headsets on and searching the bands only to hear no signals.


Alaska Trip Schedule

Our Alaska travel plans via rental car and the Celebrity "Summit" Cruise Ship were as follows:

August 18, 2005    Anchorage, Alaska                      Arrive 8:30 PM

August 19, 2005    Seward, Alaska                          Drive & arrive at 3:00 PM and Depart 9:00 PM

August 20, 2005    Cruise Hubbard Glacier               2:00 PM - 6:00 PM

August 21, 2005    Skagway, Alaska                        10:00 AM - 8:00 PM

August 22, 2005    Juneau, Alaska                            7:00 AM - 10:00 PM

August 23, 2005    Icy Strait & Hoonah, Alaska          7:00 AM - 5:00 PM

August 24, 2005    Ketchikan, Alaska                        1:00 PM - 8:00 PM

August 25, 2005    Cruise Inside Passage, Alaska        All Day

August 26, 2005    Vancouver, B.C., Canada             Arrive 7:00 AM


If you love fly fishing, I recommend you contact the following company for a great time:

Bear Creek Outfitters, Fly Fishing Guide Service,

9723 Trappers Lane, Juneau, Alaska, 99801,

(907) 789-3914,


Kevin Stell, our Guide for the Trip

Here are some photos from the Alaska trip:


L to R: David (K3LP) at the KL7FH operating Station #2 L to R: David (K3LP) and Frank (KL7FH) at Station #1 L to R: David (K3LP) and Frank (KL7FH)
L to R: Station #1 at the KL7FH Station L to R: David Fly Fishing 22 miles S.W. from Juneau at Hawk Inlet, Wheeler Creek L to R: Jim Saffiotti, Bruce Harris, Blake Lovette, Drew Stiles & David Collingham. Kevin Stell (our Guide) took picture
L to R: David (K3LP) at Icy Strait & Hoonah, Alaska L to R: Drew and David arriving on ocean/bay at Hawk Inlet entrance (morning drop off) L to R: David departing Juneau on the morning of the fly fishing trip
L to R: David departing from up stream at Hawl Inlet, Wheeler Creek during high tide L to R: David Fly Fishing 22 miles S.W. from Juneau at Hawk Inlet, Wheeler Creek

Back Row L to R: Larry, Donnie, Blake Lovette, TBD, TBD & TBD

Front Row L to R: Drew Stiles, David Collingham, Jim Saffiotti and Bruce Harris

L to R: David bring in a new fish L to R: David Fly Fishing 22 miles S.W. from Juneau at Hawk Inlet, Wheeler Creek  

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