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Desecheo Island Project - 2005

December 15-17, 2005 Desecheo Island Project - Kam (N3KS/KP5) and I (David - K3LP/KP5) operated from Desecheo Island during this period, as time permitted, as part of a work related project.

K3LP/KP5 operated SSB on 40, 15, 17 & 12 meters. His 1st QSO was with W9DX, 12/16/05, 1531 GMT, 21 Mhz. USB,  and his last QSO was with W8LGJ/QRP, 12/17/05, 1736 GMT, 24.900 MHz, USB. Dave made a total of 3,502 QSO's (3,652 - 150 Dup's) and operated 19.5 hours on the air from the island. Here is a list of the K3LP/KP5 countries worked.

N3KS/KP5 operated CW and SSB on 75/80, 30 and 20 meters. His 1st QSO was with AB0X, 12/16/05, 0410 GMT, 3.793 LSB and last QSO was with VE1DX, 12/17/05, 1730 GMT, 14.195 USB. Kam made a total of 3,727 QSO's and operated 21.5 hours on the air from the island. Here is a list of the N3KS/KP5 countries worked.

QSL Cards - John King (W3ADC) was and is our QSL Manager for this trip who was assisted by Clint (W3ARS), Nathan (W3ADX), N3ST (Bryan), Mike (N3VOP), Jim (WX3B) and Bob (W3RAR). We thank them for their hard work and dedication to getting the cards out in a timely manner.

Mode Band K3LP/KP5 QSO's N3KS/KP5 QSO's
CW & LSB 1.8 0 0
CW & LSB 3.5 0 438
LSB 7 953 0
CW 10 0 1232
CW & USB 14 0 2056
USB 18 692 1
USB 21 1,463 0
USB 24 392 0
CW & USB 28 0 0
--------- ----------- 3,502 (19.5 Hrs) 3,727 (21.5 Hrs)

N3KS/KP5 and K3LP/KP5 QSL Card (Frontside) - December 2005 N3KS/KP5 and K3LP/KP5 QSL Card (Backside) - December 2005

 Here are some of the K3LP/KP5 photos:

David operating K3LP/KP5 - Desecheo Island 2006

David (K3LP/KP5) near tents on Desecheo Island David (K3LP/KP5) ready to install ground radials for vertical antenna in the background

The K3LP/KP5 radio station with IC-706 MKIIG and the RF Connection hats

David (K3LP/KP5) assembling a SteppIR 40-6 meter vertical antenna K3LP/KP5 (Left) and N3KS/KP5 (right ) tents on Desecheo Island - This beach front gravel area is known as "Kamal's Landing"

Clint (W3ARS) and David (K3LP) conducting a through functional noise interference and load test on one of the new Troy-Bilt 3550 Watt generators, Sunday, December 11, 2005

David (K3LP) purchased three (3) generators for the trip. One was used as a pre-trip test unit, and the other two were shipped to the island

One of the two Troy-Bilt 3550 watt generators in use on Desecheo Island

80 Meter Vertical (closest) and 2nd SteppIR Vertical on Northwest point of the island - This beach front gravel area is known as "Kamal's Landing" Desecheo Island - Heading toward Desecheo Island from due South direction This area known as "David's Cove" is located on the NorthWest side of Desecheo island - It was used to bring our equipment to shore


DXCC Desk approves operation for DXCC credit (Feb 23, 2006 - http://www.arrl.org/)

The ARRL DXCC Desk has approved this operation for DXCC credit: K3LP/KP5 and N3KS/KP5, Desecheo Island, December 16-17, 2005, Bill Moore NC1L, DXCC Branch Manager



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