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  David (K3LP) - CQ Amateur Radio "CQ DX Hall of Fame 2014


General Information: David was first licensed as a Novice on April 15, 1975 (WN6KTF) at the age of 15 years old. He has earned his Extra Class Amateur (K3LP) Radio License and Commercial Operators License; General Radiotelephone Operator, and is very active in DX-peditions, Contesting and Youth Development Projects. His Elmer (High School Teacher) was Louis P. Mallory (WA6DVK) who he met in 1973-74,10th grade, at Fontana High School in Fontana, California USA and visited him during his trips to S. California until his passing on 03/20/15.

His prior USA call signs were: WN6KTF, WB6KTF and AA6DC

Club Trustee: K6DGE (Dorothy Grant Elementary School - www.k6dge.com)

Current Licenses: K3LP Extra Class Amateur Radio License and Commercial Operators License were issued by the Federal Communications Commission.

David is the President & CEO of International Quality Registrars (www.iqrcorp.com) based in Maryland since 1995. He is active in providing international and domestic Quality Management System (QMS) Assessments and Training Solutions Services in support of 47 different process technologies for government organizations, and commercial and industrial industries.

David is an active member and Vice-President of The Intrepid-DX Group, a 501 (C) 7 nonprofit corporation.

David (K3LP) has been on over 70 DX-peditions, visited 92 different DXCC entities and operated from 61 of them. He enjoys contesting and DXing and is a member of the Potomac Valley Radio Club (PVRC), National Capital DX Association and Southwest Ohio DX Association and honorary member of the Utah DX Association (UDXA). In addition, has made contributions to the Northern California DX Foundation, Inc. (NCDXF), International DX Association, Inc. (INDEXA) and American Radio Relay League (ARRL) and The Intrepid-DX Group.

As a Member of the American Radio Relay League, he has participated and published numerous articles in QST and the DXCC Year Book, and enjoys youth development. In addition, he is an ARRL Volunteer Examiner (VE).

He is a past President and life-time member of the National Capitol DX Association (NCDXA).

HAM RADIO AWARDS: CQ Amateur Radio "CQ DX Hall of Fame 2014" - SWODXA Dinner May 16, 2014, Potomac Valley Radio Club (PVRC) 2007, received President's Leadership Award: Leadership in DX-peditions and Youth Involvement, ARRL A-1 Operator club,  NCDXC - ST0R, Republic of S. Sudan; DX-pedition of the Year 2011 Award, SWODXA "VP8STI/VP8SGI DX-pedition of the Year" award 2015-2016, and Dorothy Grant Elementary School plaque for generous generous donations in 2013.

Youth Projects:

Over the last twenty years, he has supported numerous youth education and development projects, and youth sports.

His recent major ham radio youth development projects included the Ethiopia ET3AA where 57 students received US FCC Amateur Radio Licenses in December 2011, and 3D2R/3D2RI Rotuma Island where 24 students and teachers were trained, radio station was donated and installed and 3D2RI call sign issued. As the trustee of the K6DGE Amateur Radio Club, K3LP has donated electronic test equipment and UHF and HF Radios at Dorothy Grant Elementary School in Fontana, CA. A total of 48 4th and 5th grade students plus one 8th grade student studied and took the Technician Class License exam on Nov. 7, 2013 and March 19-20, 2014. A total of 23 students passed their FCC Technician Class licenses. In all of the above cases, the students pay no fees for their testing as the fees are donated by David. David has been committed to making significant charitable donations in cash, radios, antennas, supplies and other electronic test equipment to youth organizations and foreign hams/organizations (NIAR, Barbados ARC, etc.) for many years.

Visited 92 Countries: USA, VE, P40, 5W, KH8/S, T33, T30, KH6, KL7, NH8, VU4 (Andaman Islands), VU3, 8P9, 5A, 3D2, FS5, ET, PJ7, J6, VP5, A4, A6, LA, DK, GM, G, F, 5H, 3A, EA, I, IS0, 5Z, 6Y3LP, 9J, A2, A7, A9, C6, FJ, HP, TI, HL, HV, KP5, KP2, KP4, ON, XE, PA, SU, SV, TI, Z2, ZF, ZS, OE, YI, JA, DU, LZ, YN, VK, ST (Z8 -Republic of S. Sudan), 3D2R (Rotuma), 7O (Republic of Yemen), SV2/A (Mt. Athos), ZA/K3LP (Albania), Z32LP (Macedonia), YT (Serbia), Z68LP (Kosovo), 4O (Montenegro), J3, J7, V4, XZ1J (Myanmar), TA (Turkey), EX (Kyrgyzstan), BG7 (Sanya, China), XV2 (Ho Chi Minh City (Phu My), Vietnam), VR2XMT (Hong Kong), XX9 (Macau), HS0ZMT (Thailand), 9V1 (Singapore), 9M2ZAK (West Malaysia), VP8DRC (Falkland Islands), VP8STI (S. Thule, S. Sandwich Islands), VP8SGI (S. Georgia Islands), LU, CE, HI and 9A2.

Operated From 61 Countries: USA, VE, P40DC, 5W, KH8/S, T33LP, T30LP, KH6/K3LP, KL7/K3LP, NH8/K3LP,VU4/VU3RWO, VU3RWO, 8P9LP, 5A7A, 3D2DC, FS5UQ, PJ7/K3LP, J6R, VP5LP, A4/K3LP, A61AJ/A61AF, LA9HW, DK, GM, G, F, 5H3LP, 6Y, KP5/K3LP, KP2, KP4, ON, XE, PA, TI, YI9PSE, DU1, VK, LZ, ST0R (Republic of S. Sudan), ET3AA/ETS3SID (Ethiopia), 3D2R (Rotuma Island), 7O (Republic of Yemen), SW2LP, Z32LP (Macedonia), YT1AD (Serbia), 4O (Montenegro), J3, J7, V4, XZ1J (Myanmar), TA (Turkey), EX (Kyrgyzstan), VR2XMT (Hong Kong), HS0ZMT (Thailand), 9M2ZAK (West Malaysia), 9V1 (Singapore), VP8DRC (Falkland Islands), VP8STI (S. Thule, S. Sandwich Islands), VP8SGI (S. Georgia Islands) and EA3/K3LP

Participated in World-Wide DX-Peditions: Over 70

Activated DXCC Most Wanted Top 10: Qty 8 - 7O6T (#5 Republic of Yemen), N8S (#1 Swains Island KH8/S), ST0R (#1 Republic of South Sudan), KP5/K3LP (#5 Desecheo Island), VU4AN/VU3RWO (#8 Andaman Island), 5A7A (#10 Libya), VP8STI (#3 S. Thule, S. Sandwich Islands) and VP8SGI (#7 S. Georgia Islands)

Activated DXCC Most Wanted Top 50: Qty 16 - 7O6T (#5 Republic of Yemen), N8S (#1 Swains Island KH8/S), ST0R (#1 Republic of South Sudan), KP5/K3LP (#5 Desecheo Island), VU4AN/VU3RWO (#8 Andaman Island), and 5A7A (#10 Libya). In addition,3D2R & 3D2LP/R (Rotuma Island), 5W3LP,T33LP & T33C (Banaba Island), T30LP (Tarawa Island), A4/K3LP & A47RS (Oman - 1997), A61AJ, A61AN & A61AM (UAE 1996-1998), YI9PSE (Iraq), XZ1J (Myanmar), VP8STI (#3 S. Thule, S. Sandwich Islands) and VP8SGI (#7 S. Georgia Islands)

DX-Pedition Participation Contest Awards: a) TI5W, 1st Place World with new record, Multi-Multi, HP, ARRL DX-CW, Feb. 2012 (5 radios and 7 operators), b) 5A7A, 2nd Place World, Multi-Multi, CQWW DX CW, Nov. 2006, c) VP5LP, 1st Place World, Multi-Two, ARRL DX-CW, 2003 (4 operators, 2 Radios), d) FS5KA, 1st Place World,Multi-Multi, ARRL DX-CW, 2007 (4 radios and 5 operators, e) FS5UQ - 3rd Place World and 2nd North America, ARRL International DX, CW February 2006,Opr. K3LP), Single Operator, Low Power, Un-Assisted, f) FS5UQ - 2nd Place World and 1st Place North America , ARRL International DX - CW February 2004 - Multi-Two, HP, Assisted, g) A61AJ, 1st Place Asia and 8th Place World, Multi-Multi (two Operators), CQWW DX CW 1997.

DX-Pedition Leadership Experience: a) 7O6T Republic of Yemen - Co-Leader, May 1-15, 2012, 6 Radios, 14 Operators, 162,029 QSOs  b) ET3AA Youth Project - Leader, Dec. 8-13, 2011, c) Rotuma Island; 3D2R, 2011, Co-Team Leader, 18 Operators, DX-Pedition Boat/Tent & Generator Class, 59,450 QSOs, 6 days, d) Swains Island; N8S, 2007, Co-Team Leader, 18 Operators, New World Record for DX-Pedition Tent & Generator Class, 117,252 QSOs, 13 days, e) Libya, 5A7A, 2006 - Operations Planning Co-Leader and NA Sponsors & Equipment (20 Operators, total 8 stations), f) Barbados, 8P9R, 2005, Team Leader, Multi-Multi Contest Team (6 US Operators plus 20 local Operators, Total 6 Stations), g) Banaba, T33C, 2004, Logistics Support (17 Operators, Total 7 stations), h) St. Martin, FS5KA, 2005, Team Leader, Multi-Two Contest Team (5 Operators) i) Turks & Caicos Island, VP5LP, ARRL International DX CW Feb. 2003 - Multi-Two Team,HP, Un-Assisted - 1St Place World, Team Co-Leader (4 Operators, Two Radios), j) St. Lucia; J6R, 2000, Team Leader, Multi-Single Contest Team (3 Operators), k) St. Lucia; J6R, 1999, Team Leader, Multi-Multi Contest Team (6 Operators), l) United Arab Emirates, 1997, Team Leader, Multi-Multi Contest Team (2 Operators), m) YI9PSE DX-Pedition - Iraq, April 2-12, 2010, CW Team Leader (5 Operators) plus Installation Design/Support Team member, and n) VP8STI and VP8SGI DX-Pedition - S. Sandwich Islands (54,644 QSOs) and S. Georgia Islands (82,847 QSOs), Jan. 17-Feb. 13, 2016, Co-Leader (13 Operators) plus Operations Installation Design/Support Team Lead.



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