FS5UQ 2006




FS5UQ (Opr. K3LP) - ARRL DX CW 2006, Single Op, Low Power,

Un-Assisted, 3rd Place World, 2nd North America





ARRL TBD Place World Certificate

There were 1,201 contesters who entered the Single Operator, Low Power Category and at total of 2,547 logs tuned in this year.

ARRL DX CW 2006 - August 2006 QST Results by ARRL

# Call Score QSOs Mult Class Power Continent
1 P49Y (AE6Y, op) 4,173,144 4,241 328 S B SA
2 FG/N0YY 3,233,196 3,522 306 S B NA
3 FS5UQ (K3LP, op) 3,229,200 3,600 299 S B NA
4 VP9/W6PH 3,007,485 3,445 291 S B NA
5 WP3C 2,917,956 3,331 292 S B NA
6 VP5/WJ2O 2,488,593 3,061 271 S B NA
7 N1UR 2,242,314 2,154 347 S B  
8 K7SV 2,121,714 1,871 378 S B  
9 VP9/K9CC 1,964,820 2,519 260 S B NA
10 PJ7/ND5S 1,900,944 2,456 258 S B NA



# Call Score QSOs Mult Class Power DXCC Entity Continent Club
1 P49Y (AE6Y) 4,209,555 4265 329 S B Aruba SA MLDXCC
2 FS5UQ (K3LP) 3,319,428 3676 301 S B St. Martin NA PVRC
3 FG/N0YY 3,298,680 3570 308 S B Guadeloupe NA SMC
4 VP9/W6PH 3,028,437 3469 291 S B   NA YCCC
5 WP3C 2,949,045 3355 293 S B   NA  
6 VP9/K9CC  2,013,876 2618 261 S B NA SMC
7 VE3JM 1,031,886 1189 291 S B CCO
8 P40LE(K2LE) 628,452 1012 207 S B     OBONY
9 CT1BQH 516,384 1056 163 S B      
10 F5UKL 426,273 941 151 S B      


We arrived in St. Martin on Wednesday, February 15, 2006 and returned home on Wednesday, February 22, 2002. During this trip, Clint (W3ARS) and I (K3LP -David) stayed at Mort's (W1UQ's) Simpson Bay villa and operated before and after the contest as FS/K3LP and FS/W3ARS. During the contest, I  (K3LP) operated the contest as FS5UQ (Opr. K3LP) Single Operator, Low Power and without packet connection.

FS5UQ (Opr. K3LP) operating ARRL DX CW, Friday evening prior to Contest

FS5UQ (Opr. K3LP) operating ARRL DX CW, Saturday evening during the contest

FS5UQ (Opr. K3LP) operating ARRL DX CW, Sunday - After No Sleep and the Sun is beginning to shine in the ham shack  


3rd Place World - FS5UQ (K3LP)

ARRL DX CW 2006, Single Op, Low Pwr.,


Reported Score: 3,319,428

ARRL Score Results:  3,229,200

Accuracy Error : 2.7%

Band:             QSOs:             SECs:

160 Meter        160                  36

80 Meter          499                  56

40 Meter          891                  58

20 Meter          670                  58

15 Meter        1277                  58

10 Meter          179                  35

Report Totals:3,676                301 


Results:           3,600              299    

FS5UQ (Opr. K3LP) operating ARRL DX CW, Monday - Day after Contest

FS5UQ (OPR K3LP) ARRL DX CW 2006, Single Operator, Low Power, Score Details




The ARRL DX CW 2006 contest had many new challenges. Twenty (20), 10 and 160 meter bands presented new frustrations for me this year.


First of all, my 20 meter QSOs on both Saturday and Sunday mornings were few in coming. There was a second operator (FS/KN5G) on the island operating single op 20 meters, but the guys on Aruba seem, each year, not to be impacted by this type of issue. Itís not uncommon for stateside to be pointing toward Europe and not hearing the Caribbean until almost 10:30AM. It just seemed slower than normal. I was down about 300-400 QSOs on this band at the end of the contest. I kept myself busy operating 40 and 80 meters to fill the void, until I got 15 meters going at a decent rate.


The 40í light weight aluminum crank-up tower cable was damaged (rusted beyond use) with a rotator that would not rotate and could not be fixed until the aluminum tower could be lowered. I pointed the beam at the mid-west and operated the contest with the LogPeriodic beam in a fixed position both days. Itís unclear how much my results were impacted by lacking some antenna gain by not using a mono-band beam and loosing the antenna directivity (i.e. no antenna rotation).


Ten (10) meters yielded zero activity for me until Sunday afternoon around 1800 GMT, when I finally made my first QSO on this band. I had a 2 hour opening that provided 179 QSOs and 35 multipliers, and believe me, I was grateful to have what came my way.


My 160 meter QSO and multiplier totals were both up this year, but I was still pained by not being able to get the north and northwest coast (OR, WA, VE7, VE6, VE5, UT, NV, ID) and northern mid-west multipliers (MT, ND, SD, WY, VE4) on this band. My 350í beverage was working fine and I seemed to work everything I could hear as I moved them from 40 or 80 meters to 160 meters. I just didnít get the proper openings. I tried at sunrise, during the middle of night and 1 hour before their sunrise, each time moving the needed multipliers, knowing the call sign, but just couldnít hear them, therefore not working the multiplier. This was a real bummer!


I was able to exceed my last year ďJ6RĒ QSO and multiplier accomplishments on 80, 40 and 15 meters. I was very happy with the results on these bands.


W3ARS (Clint) and I put up a two element wire beam for 40 meters that worked with great results from the 1,400 hill top location.


I used two IC-746PROs in a SO2R configuration. These radios were excellent for operating the CW contest and the rigís size made it desirable for taking on my DX-pedition. The IC-746PROs are a must on my future DX-peditions. I really liked the CW filters and numerous features bundled into this rigís medium sized package. Iím hocked on the IC-746PRO after being disappointed by using other rig types on my prior dx-peditions.


I changed my sleeping arrangement this year. I slept three hours (starting 1.5 hours before sunrise) on Saturday morning and had no sleep on Sunday. Having no sleep on Sunday just didnít work for me. By the last two hours of the contest, where I needed to be focused to get the 250-300 Hour QSO rate, I had difficulty maintaining the rate over 225. I just wanted to go to sleep Ė the brain to hand and keyboard actions just didnít want to play full blast anymore. Next year, Iíll be changing my sleeping arrangement until I get it right.


Over all, I was able to improve my overall score in this competition compared to my prior Low Power contest DX-peditions (i.e. J6/K3LP, J6R, etc.).


This was another fun contest. I canít wait until next year.


David Collingham Ė K3LP




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