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ET3AA DX-Pedition; August 2011 - Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

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David (K3LP) and Sid (ET3SID) met with Tesfaye Worku (FDRE - MCIT Representative) in August 2011 to get a clear understanding of the licensing requirements.

The Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia

Ministry of Communication Information Technology

Located: Debre Zeit Road next to Global Hotel

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Contact: Tesfaye Worku

Office Phone: +251 11 552 1381



ET3AA - Addis Ababa Institute of Technology, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia- Aug. 3 thru Aug.5, 2011

During my return trip from the ST0R -  Republic of South Sudan DX-Pedition, I met up with Sid May (ET3SID) who is the ET3AA - Addis Ababa University - Institute of Technology station trustee. We discussed a few topics on how I met help the students and the school. After this discussion, we decided I would help by providing a nice summer workshop for the students who wanted to participate (a total 13-20 students participated at various times during the 2 days on-site).

The hands on work shop included the following activities:

  •  Coax End Preparation Techniques; RG-8, etc.

  •  Antenna Design Theory and Advantages of each antenna type; Basic Dipole, Vertical, Slopper, Inverted Vee and Inverted L
  •  Using Software to design wire beams; designed a two element 40 meter beam and three element 15 meter beam
  •  Constructed a dipole antenna for 21.3 Mhz using existing materials in the shack and tested it in different configurations (i.e. Basic Dipole, Vertical, Slopper, Inverted Vee and Inverted L) - included on the air performance testing with other foreign ham radio stations
  •  Examined the surrounding environment (i.e. in door antennas, exterior antennas near metal surfaces, etc.) and how it influences the over all antenna length. Applied applicable mathematical formulas to prove the influence of stray capacitance. We used the formulas for troubleshooting by calculating present resonate frequency versus the required frequency and determining required length adjustments
  •  Conducted on the air training on what techniques to be used for running and managing a pile-up and how to be ready in advance to use the split function for transmit and receive
  •  Discussed and developed a strategy for installing a Wireless Security Camera System for the school as a student project
  •  Talked about competitive benchmarking for the school and establishing an incubator program for technology advancement
  •  Worked with the students to prepare and put on-line the website. The domain name was purchased for five years, a host site was selected and paid for two years and the new website was uploaded using FTP software.
  •  The students received a nice club financial donation to advance their upcoming projects.

 I must admit, it was a lot of fun for all and we accomplished a lot in three days.

Photo 1 - Sid (ET3SID), David (K3LP) and students getting read to have a nice lunch Photo 2 - Sid (ET3SID), David (K3LP) and students just finishing lunch Photo 3 - Sid (ET3SID), David (K3LP) and students at the entrance to the school
Photo 4.1 - David (K3LP) and students preparing various coax ends Photo 4.2 - David (K3LP) and students preparing 21 Mhz dipole antenna Photo 4.3 - David (K3LP) and students preparing 21 Mhz dipole antenna
Photo 4.4 - 21 Mhz dipole installed in a slopper configuration - 1.3:1 SWR Photo 4.4 - David (K3LP) and students preparing the 21 Mhz dipole antenna using plastic and other materials available in the shack Photo 5 - Sid (ET3SID) and the students taking a break in the Club
Photo 6 - Sid (ET3SID) having fun during the training Photo 7 - Sid (ET3SID), David (K3LP) and students doing some on the air pile-up technique training and discussing how to be ready in advance to operate split for transmit and receive Photo 8 - Sid (ET3SID), David (K3LP) and students making some QSOs at ET3AA
Photo 9 - David (K3LP) and students having some fun running the dx pile-up Photo 10 - Sid (ET3SID), David (K3LP) and students up on the roof after doing antenna testing Photo 11.3 - Students present David (K3LP) with an appreciation gift - a nicely fitting "Gabi"
Photo 11.2 - Students present David (K3LP) with an appreciation gift - a nicely fitting "Gabi" Photo 11.3 - David (K3LP) wearing the "Gabi" and students smile Photo 11.4 - David (K3LP) wearing the "Gabi" and students smile
Photo 12 - David (K3LP) making a few ET3AA QSOs Photo 13 - Sid (ET3SID) and David (K3LP) having fun operating at the ET3AA shack Photo 14 - ET3AA shack equipment - their license only allows 100 watts.
Photo 15.1 - Sid (ET3SID) with students showing off his new vest given to him as a gift Photo 15.1 - Sid (ET3SID) showing off his new vest Photo 16 - Sid (ET3SID) showing off the Hydro dam Project display on campus

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