DX1S DX-pedition(s)

Manila,Philippines, DX1S, Jan. 3, 2011 - DX-pedition

Mladen (YT6W) and Miki (YU1AU) and I (David - K3LP) operated from Robin Goo's (DU9RG) QTH using his Club Call Sign - DX1S


Miki (YU1AU), Robin (DU9RG), and Mladen (YT6W) and David (K3LP) - Just Arriving at Robin's House Miki (YU1AU), David (K3LP), Robin (DU9RG), and Mladen (YT6W) - Just Arriving at Robin's House Robin (DU9RG) and David (K3LP) at Robin's house with tower in the background
Robin (DU9RG) and David (K3LP) in Robin's Radio Room Robin's QTH: Miki (YU1AU), Robin (DU9RG), David (K3LP), Mladen (YT6W) having a nice cold beer Robin Goo (DU9RG) and Christina Goo (DU3YL)

DX1S (Operator David - K3LP)

Robin (DU9RG), Ramon (DU1UGZ) and Thelma (DU1IVT) from PARA

Dinner Jan.3, 2011 - L to R: Ramon (DU1UGZ) and Thelma (DU1IVT) from PARA, David (K3LP), Mladen (YT6W), Miki (YU1AU), Roger (DU1KT), Warren (DU1EIB), Robin (DU9RG), Christina (DU3YL)



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