Dayton DX_Dinner 2014




SWODXA DX Dinner; May 16, 2014

My Sincere thank you to the SWODXA for hosting the DX Dinner in Dayton, Ohio. Fantastic job!

President: Jim Storms, AB8YK
Ken Allen, KB8KE
Bill Salyers, AJ8B
Treasurer: Tom Inglin, NR8Z

Event MC: Jay Slough, K4ZLE

Event Coordinator: Mindi Jones,  KC8CKW


SWODXA DX Dinner Presentation:

Humanitarian Side of
DX-Peditions & DXing

PowerPoint Presentation



David Collingham, K3LP

Photo 1.1 - David (K3LP) awaiting award announcement Photo 1.2 - David (K3LP) going up to accept CQ DX Hall of Fame Award Photo 1.3 - David (K3LP) -Dinner Presentation Photo 1.4 - David (K3LP) -Dinner Presentation Photo 1.5 - Dinner Meeting Attendees
Photo 1.6 - Joe (AA4NN) at the Award Dinner Photo 1.7 - Guests awaiting for Dinner area to open Photo 1.8 - Guests getting seated Photo 1.9 - Ralph (K0IR) and guests at dinner Photo 1.10 - TBD (W4PN) and guests at dinner
Photo 1.11 - Dima (RA9USU) and Tom (K8CX) at dinner Photo 1.12 - Eric (K9GY), Dima (RA9USU) and Tom (K8CX) at dinner Photo 1.13 - David (K3LP) and Kevin Jones (W8KJ)
 at dinner
Photo 1.14 - David (K3LP) and Paul (N6PSE) going to dinner Photo 1.15 - Will (K6ND), David (K3LP), Arnie (N6HC) and Paul (N6PSE) going to dinner
Photo 1.16 - Bill (AJ8B) and David (K3LP) at the DX Dinner        


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