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8P9LP DX-Pedition

In January 2005, I met Ron Wilkinson (8P6JB) on first 75 Meters (3.795 MHz.), then later on 20 Meters (14.205 MHz). I discussed with him that I would be passing through Barbados on my way to and from St. Lucia on February 15 and 22, 2005. I asked Ron if was possible to get a license and operate while I waited for my next flight. He made the arrangements for both Clint (W3ARS) and I (David - K3LP) to operate from the 8P6AW - Amateur Radio Society of Barbados.   When we arrived, Ron had our operating licenses in hand and transported us to and from the 8P6AW station which is about a 30-45 minute drive from the airport depending on traffic.

Front Row Left to Right:

Haschel Bynoe (8P6GU Secretary / Treasurer), Ishmael Cadogan (8P6PE  Vice President), Emerson Cyrus (8P6QA Technical Officer), Keith Dottin (8P6AM  Member), and Ronald Wilkinson (8P6JB  President)


Rear Row, Left to Right:

David (K3LP or 8P9LP) and Clint (W3ARS or 8P9AS)

During our visit on February 15, 2005, we arrived on the island around 3:00 PM and department to St. Lucia at 6:30 PM. We had a chance to see the club station and operate for about 1.5 hours.

During our visit on February 22, 2005, we arrive at 7:00 AM and departed at 4:00 PM. Many members of the Amateur Radio Club of Barbados gathered at the club station at lunch time to visit and K3LP (David) gave a presentation regarding his T33C DX-Pedition. David presented and donated a new ARRL 2005 Handbook and World Map to the 8P6AW club station.

Here are some photos taken on the trip:

L to R: Ron (8P6JB) and David (K3LP) at 8P6AW Club QTH where David operated as 8P9LP

L to R: Clint (W3ARS) and David (K3LP) arrive at the 8P6AW Club Station

Clint (W3ARS) operating as 8P9AS using TS-940SAT

L to R: Ron (8P6JB) and David (K3LP) at the Club Station

David (K3LP) operating as 8P9LP using TS-940SAT



L to R: Emerson (8P6QA), Ron (8P6JB) and Haschel Bynoe (8P6GU)


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