3D2DC DX-Pedition

As part of the T33C DX-pedition, I was able to operate from the island of Viti Levu, Fiji Islands, South Pacific Ocean in March and April 2004.

Arriving in Fiji (3D2)

Bill (AK0A) and I (David - K3LP) stayed at the Raffel Gateway hotel next to the international Airport in Nadi. I had received by 3D2DC license a week in advance prior to arriving on the island. It was issued from the Government of the Republic of the Fiji Islands.

I fabricated a 15 and 20 meter dipole and put it up about 16 in the air. Both bands were wide open into all parts of the USA, Asia, Africa, and Europe. After about 400 QSOs on SSB using my ICOM 706MKII, 100 watts, it was time to disassemble the set-up and get ready for a 7:55 AM Departure the following morning to Tarawa, Kirabati Islands. We were only in Fiji for 1 day during arrival and then on departure as we headed for Tarawa.

Here are some photos from the 3D2DC trip:

David (K3LP) visiting a village north of Nadi David (K3LP) operating from hotel across the street from the airport near Nadi as 3D2DC
L to R: David (K3LP), Gunther, Wil (K6ND) and Bill (AK0A) at the Nadi airport on the island of Viti Levu, Fiji An Inverted Vee Antenna for two bands installed in a Palm Tree at the hotel was the antenna for 3D2DC
David (K3LP) with view of Nadi in background L to R: David (K3LP) with Bill (AK0A)
3D2DC license issued to David (K3LP) Picture of Viti Levu, Fiji islands

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